The Accounting Programme opened in 2012, so far has 05 graduated courses with 348 graduates. Currently, the programme has 693 students. The programme has the outstanding feature of connecting with businesses in providing practical training for students, helping students get acquainted with the business environment, gain real-life knowledge and improve professional skills in order to meet the needs of businesses after graduation.

Job position of graduates

The Accounting Programme to work in the following positions:

  • Accountants in businesses (debt accountants, cash accountants, warehouse accountants, tax accountants, sales accountants, fixed asset accountants, purchasing accountants, salary accountants, …)
  • Accountants in public administration units and organizations
  • Bank accountant
  • Tax accountant, tax consultant
  • Auditor, auditing assistant
  • Supervising specialist: internal supervisor, internal auditor
  • Expert in financial planning and management of projects, financial analyst
  • Economic inspector in nation management agencies
  • Tax officers at nation tax agencies

Program Highlights